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Josh O'Shea

M: 303-999-7107

As a seasoned Realtor with Moxie at eXp Realty, Josh O'Shea brings his expertise and passion for real estate to the forefront. With a strong background in commercial and residential real estate in Colorado spanning 7 years, Josh is an invaluable asset to the team. Additionally, he serves as a Psychological Operations Sergeant in the Army Reserves since 2013, highlighting his dedication and commitment.

Josh's love for the Colorado lifestyle is evident in his favorite pastimes and hobbies. He finds joy in engaging in big game hunting, fishing, and backpacking, immersing himself in nature's beauty. In his leisure time, Josh channels his creativity into woodwork, specializing in furniture building and sculpting.

Josh holds a BS in Real Estate and Real Estate Finance from Colorado State University, underscoring his educational background and industry-related accomplishments. His knowledge and expertise are further evidenced by his possession of a Colorado Real Estate license, acquired through years of hard work and dedication.

Originally hailing from Evergreen, Colorado, Josh has a deep connection to his hometown and its real estate landscape. This familiarity allows him to provide exceptional service to his clients, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Josh's motivation springs from his lifelong love for real estate and architecture. His passion was ignited during his childhood when his family embarked on a two-year journey of building their own home. Since then, Josh has thrived in fixing and flipping houses, excelled in property management, and takes pride in helping individuals find their perfect homes. For Josh, real estate is not just a job; it's a way of life.

Looking ahead, Josh envisions investing in real estate to secure passive income and eventually establishing his own real estate company. With his unwavering determination and commitment, he is well on his way to realizing these aspirations.

In his dream vacation, Josh envisions himself at a serene high mountain river, relishing in his favorite activity of fishing. Accompanied by a hot dog and a couple of beers, he enjoys the tranquility and serenity of the surroundings.

Josh draws inspiration from the renowned George S. Patton, whose quotes and leadership qualities deeply resonate with him. Josh aspires to embody the same determination and drive in his real estate career, striving for excellence every day.

Josh O'Shea
Mobile: 303-999-7107
1312 17th St #2987
Denver CO 80202

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