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Denver Real Estate | Sean Murphy: Alex and Clara Testimonial

Sean: Hey I’m sitting here with Clara and Alex… We’re closing on their new home in.. Golden!

Sean: What were the circumstances that made you want to reach out about buying a new home?

Alex: Well we’ve been uh we’ve been living in Aurora for a couple of years.

Clara: Yup.

Alex: Just getting out on our own… and we.. you know really wanted to start a family and head back West and I grew up in Golden and Clara grow up in the Ridge and both of our families are.. are  in town and so we just thought we wanted to get as you know as close.. as close to home as we could  and I.. I can’t still believe we could actually make it all the way.. you know back to Golden what we had budgeted but we’re.. we’re are excited to move into this place. A great house.

Sean: Awesome… So how would you describe the process?

Clara: Incredibly personable.. incredible reassuring in moments of doubt.. just fantastic!

Alex: Yeah.. awesome.. Thank you. We weren’t entirely sure.. you know which place we were gonna go with obviously it’s a.. you know crazy Market to.. to buy in on the front range but you know.. every step of the way you offered us rational options to proceed like according to what we what we were leaning toward at that time.

Sean: Awesome.

Alex: And that was great. I mean you.. you worked very hard for us in negotiations with an erratic seller and really.. really advocated strongly for us.

Sean: So what’s this.. what’s this new home gonna mean for you?

Clara: It means starting a family.

Alex: Yeah it means starting the rest of our lives.. this.. this is exactly what we wanted. We wouldn’t.. we wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.. this is home.

Sean: The million-dollar question would be, would you recommend your friends and family to work with me?

Clara: Definitely!

Alex: I already have. I’ve talked to a few people, told them if you need a guy let me know.. he’s great!

Sean: Awesome! Awesome.. oh well thank you. I appreciate you guys working with me. Again, and I’m super excited that you guys were able to get this house in particular.. I see how much it means to you.

Alex: It’s.. it’s incredible. Thank you so much.

Sean: Thank you.

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