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Denver Real Estate | Sean Murphy: Bri and Seamus Testimonial

Sean: Hey I am here with Seamus and Bri and we are closing on their new house. It’s super exciting.. so I just want to do a quick video. Yeah, shout out to Guild.

Sean: I have four questions for you, first question. Are you ready?

Seamus: Yeahh! (everyone laughing)

Sean: I don’t know I fill it up like that. So what were..  what were their search situation circumstances that made you guys reach out to me?

Seamus: Ahh I wanted to buy a house, we are renting and want a home.

Bri: And we have friends who are real estate agents and everybody was like.. oh oh we will help out,  we will help you.. so I wanted like clean not someone that I was already pretty with.. and I heard some stories and I reach out to a few.. few different real estate agents before closing.

Sean: Cool!… Cool! (Bri laughing)

Sean: Great! So overall you know.. give me like rundown like the experience overall of buying a home.

Seamus: It was great! I mean you guys.. you and Guild Mortgage and Kate.. are really easy on us.

Sean: Yeah?

Bri: Yeah I think so. You were.. always help us look after in times.. in times that I feel like normal real estate agents wouldn’t help us look and in circumstances that they want it also and so that was really nice because you know we were really ready to buy..

Sean: Right.

Bri: And I feel like it was really a good experience. We heard some horror stories about how long it can take to buy a house.. how many you can be beat out for the same house and I feel like you helped get us through all of that without having those issues.

Sean: Yeah. And kudos to you guys too because you did things when we first met that you needed to get a gameplan together, right? So you know.. you know for sure when were going to be able to buy but let’s sit down, got a gameplan and you guys executed on that and that’s why you know.. me showing you homes when you didn’t have everything that dialed in.. not a big deal because I knew you guys are working towards it.

Sean: So what’s this new home mean to you guys?

Bri: Holy cow!

Seamus: Place for our kids to grow. Place for us to call home. Place for us to build our family.

Bri: This is probably one of the biggest accomplishments I had in my life. My grandma was saying I’m the first person to own a house of her kids and grandkids.. on my own.  Without the help of the family…

Sean: We will get chickens..

Bri: Chickens!

Sean: We will get bees…

Bri: Bees!… Bees???! (Bri and Seamus laughing)

Sean: Cool! Last question would be.. would you recommend…

Seamus: (stoping Sean from talking) Highly! Highly!

(Sean laughing loud)

Bri: Highly recommended! And Guild Mortgage.. You guys rock it!

Bri: You guys give the help we needed.. you guys always work with us when we needed to see houses that weird odd times. We’ve got everything done quick and with your recommendation, we found the perfect house.

Sean: I agree! Cool! Well, congratulations and I appreciate you guys!

Bri: Thank you!

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