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Denver Real Estate | Sean Murphy: Jessica and Ryan Testimonial


Sean: So I’m here with Ryan and Jessie, we just closed their first house in Cherry Creek… Um… I feel great! You feel great?…

Ryan and Jessica: Yeah!

Sean: First question guys, what were the oh… one more introduction, Ryan our great lender!… Um, what were the circumstances or situation that brought us together?

Jessica: We went to look at an open house…

Ryan: Our First weekend looking at open houses…

Jessica: Yes and our first open house with you…

(Sean Waiving.. then everybody laughs..)

Sean: What was the situation, what was the life event that you guys were…

Jessica: Oh yes, so we heard suddenly.. we’ve been renting a place for five years and we heard the night before that we will have to move in a month.

Sean: Alright, so it was like go time… How would you describe the overall experience of buying your first home? You can say good or bad…

Ryan: It went very smoothly.. the whole process.. plus the pretty good variety of houses.. every style, every type, new, old…

Jessica:… In a very short period of time…

Ryan: Yeah in a very short period of time. And every day after work, meeting Sean to look more houses and once we found the one we like it was just the whole purchase process was very smooth.

Jessica: Yeah everything went smoothly.

Sean: Coz we were like in go mode, right away, and so yeah… Ryan and I try to match our actions with your motivations, and you guys were like we need to find something quick so every night let’s go.. What’s this new house mean to you?

Ryan: It means that we have our own place. (Ryan and Jessica laughing).. We’ve been living for five years with landlords that would stay with us a month every year so we have a place where…

Jessica: Yeah I mean it’s our first place that we.. yeah we never owned.. we’ve been together for 13 years moving around. I think it’s our first kind of official step to become Denverites for a while.

Sean: Would you recommend your family, friends, and man woman or beast to work with Ryan.. and I?

Ryan: Absolutely! Both of you have been great. But the… I think the part that we were most hesitant about was the mortgage and… it’s a lot of money to borrow and there’s a lot of people that might take advantage and rip you off in different ways and I felt like we were very comfortable with both of you during the whole process… but the mortgage part was the scariest part of it.. and you reassured us the whole time. We talked to a lot of other lenders and we just kept going back to you…

Ryan Leahy: Thank you!

Ryan Very.. Very good experience.

Jessica: Yeah we really appreciate you Sean. Every time we went to see a house you were very good at asking us and break down, what we like, what we didn’t like, how serious we were, if we wanted to go.. We never felt you push us, we never felt you were trying to push us one way or another so we really appreciate that as well.

Sean: Anything? (pointing the imaginary mic to Ryan Leahy)

Ryan Leahy: Happy to help you guys, thank you very much for your trust.

Sean: Congratulations!


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