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Denver Real Estate | Sean Murphy: Nathan and Kelly Testimonial

Sean: Hey guys I am here with Nathan and Kelly and we just closed on their brand new house over in Morrison… Are you excited?

Nathan: Very excited.

Sean: Cool! 1st one, give us a quick rundown what the circumstances.. situation where that made you reach out to me?

Nathan: Great! So Kelly and I have been renting all the way through college and till now and we felt like we’ve been throwing money into a burn pile rather than investing it… So we wanted to get a place of our own that can build and take care of.. And we saw you in and we wanted somebody a little bit closer to our age than a lot of the other realtors in the game.

Sean: Ok. Ok. No age discrimination for you guys… (Nathan and Kelly laughing)

Nathan: .. Somebody that maybe.. exactly moving the same attitude towards things…

Sean: Cool! So how would you describe like.. your 1st home, you buy it, recently moved in Colorado, got a cool little mountain house with mountain view… How would you describe the overall experience of buying home process?

Nathan: It was a lot smoother and easier than I ever foresaw. (Kelly nodding)

Nathan: I think Kelly agrees but which is also kind of unfortunate because now we’ve set this standard… (Kelly Laughing)

Nathan: … That next time we go into this, if it doesn’t match you we’re gonna be upset… But no that’s a good thing though.. that was very smooth.. easy going.. there’s great communication with you.

Kelly: Absolutely.

Sean: Cool.. as long as you continue to work with me every transaction will be.. (audio not audible because of the laughs)

(Kelly and Nathan laughing loud)

Sean: You guys were a breath of fresh air.. you guys were easy to work with so that made it easy for me too. I appreciate that.

Sean: What’s this new home mean to you guys?

Nathan: Hmmm, it’s a good one… I think it’s a place where we finally feel like settle instead of moving around all the time… means a lot to our dog, which is important to us having a big yard.

Sean: We in colorado appreciate that you care.

Nathan: But no, it’s a place we want to start our family and you know it’s really the next chapter of our life… I think that’s what means to us.

Sean: Oh my last question yeah… Would you recommend your friends, families, co-workers that you’re gonna rip down all those agents business cards and put them on.. Would you recommend them working with me? (Kelly and Nathan nodding while sean was asking the question)
Kelly: 100%!

Nathan: Yeah 100%… We know a lot of our millennial friends are now jealous that we’ve completed this process and I think they’re now starting to approach the idea so we will be recommending you to all of them

Sean: Yeah..  especially you know veterans.

Nathan: Oh yeah and I did appreciate that it was very nice of you know what to do on that front..  because themselves are not good at explaining or describing or helping you in any way…  (Nathan laughing)

Sean: You get benefits.. customer service! (Nathan laughing loud)

Sean: Regarding millennials   … I am a great stewart to the millennial class… I’m 1984 and so I’m not the oldest of the millennials…

Nathan: Yeah that’s true it started in 80 right?

Sean: What’s that?

Nathan: I think the 1st millennials were 1980?

Sean: I don’t know.. and so just like very wise, a lot of wisdom… (Nathan and Kelly laughing)

Nathan: And none of them own anything so you’re right at the perfect time to help them out with that.

Sean: Cool! let’s wrap this up so you guys go see your house and grab your dog.

Sean: Appreciate you guys staying with me.

Nathan: Of course man it’s a great experience.


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