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Denver Real Estate | Sean Murphy: Stephen and Emily Testimonial

Sean: I’m here with Emily and Stephen and we just finished up two closings today…

Emily: Woooo..

Sean: Yeah Woooo right? And they are moving to their new sweet home up in Conifer.

Sean: What was the circumstances.. situation that made you reach out to me?

Stephen: We wanted to live in the mountains so we found a home and we called, and they sent you to show us the house.

Emily: That house didn’t work! but Sean stuck with us.. to this whole process and found us our new hopefully forever home.

Sean: Exactly, is where we connected.

Sean: How would you describe the process.. besides stacky?

(Everyone laughing)

Stephen: This is only my 2nd time buying a house. I actually felt this one is much easier than the 1st.

Sean: So how about.. anything with the process if somebody else is selling their home and buying in Colorado.. Any advice or anything about that process that you taught was unique or different than your 1st experience?

Stephen: The one thing I actually like is when you walk to our house that we sold, so said you might wanna do this you might wanna do that cause you have a better eye for what’s happening in the market. So we went out and invest a little money just in case, and we updated some things in our house based on your recommendation. And then I think that was probably one of the key things that help our house be sold. That was none ever happened to my 1st house I sold, it was like ok were good… it’s like ok.. never got direction from them on my 1st one.

Sean: Cool! It’s just like selling with you know.. if we need to do conditional with our offer and such having a good gameplan making sure we knew what we needed to do to gear your house to the market and you guys crushed it!

Sean: What’s this new home mean to you?

Emily: Oh my God! We are so excited!

(Everyone laughing)

Stephen: Well.. we wanted to live in the mountains but also we want this our last home.. our forever home… We had some plans for the future and this house actually met all the things we knew we wanted to do with.. our extended family.. and it is moving ready!.. we didn’t have to invest a lot of money to…

Emily: make it perfect.. it already is pretty much perfect.. you always have things you wanna do to.. make a house to make it yours but I think as far as PERFECT!.. we can’t get much better.

Sean: 1st off.. before I hit the last question… Shout out to our man behind the camera… Ryan!!!

Emily: Yes Ryan!

(Stephen clapping)

Ryan: Wohhhoooo!

Stephen: Thank you for your patience.

(Stephen and Emily laughing)

Sean: Yeah… Ryan is great cause when things do come up.. like little thing pop up.. super responsive!

Emily: And I don’t have to deal with any of that cause I think Sean knew I was like PPAAAAAAAAAAA…..

Stephen: This was less pressure.. much less pressure that previous were… I’m not kidding, I’m almost gonna give up my 1st born.. my kidney.. just to get what they were asking but I never felt that Sean was really asking for anything more than…

Emily: .. We can’t thank you both enough.

Sean: Last question is would you recommend friends, family, any men, women or beast to work with Ryan and I?

Emily: Absolutely! 100%!

Stephen: No questions ask! (tapping the table)

Emily: Anybody that I hear that is wanting to buy or sell a house… I would be here… please… please! call Sean!

Stephen: We will definitely put you guys up there…

Sean: Sure! So you print out the list of your Facebook friends and…(cannot hear the audio because of the laughs)

(Everybody laughing loud)

Ryan: Please sit down right now!

(Everbody laughing)

Sean: Well… it’s done now… Congratulations!

Emily: Thank you so much!

Stephen: Thank you very much!

Sean: Have fun now moving all you crap. (While smiling)

(More laughs from everyone)

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